Understanding Thread Count

When it comes to choosing sheets, it can be overwhelming to know what to look for. 

Percale, Egyptian, Poly cotton, Sateen, Bamboo, Deep pocket, and most importantly thread count!

With so many terms being thrown around how do you know what quality of item you're buying? More importantly - how do you know what YOU want in a sheet...Maybe you don't! 

The truth is- there is no right answer. It's actually a very personal choice and changes from person to person.  The only number we WILL tell you to stay over is 200TC - anything below that is actually muslin. 

Do you like a cool and crisp sheet (lower thread count), or do you like one that flows over your body with no sound ( high thread count)? 

Do you like to feel the weight of your sheet ( high thread count) or do you want one that is unnoticeable ( lower thread count)?

There are, however, some things you should be looking for to separate the luxurious sheets from the inferior. 

First, what is thread count?

Thread count is the number of threads woven into a square inch of material. 

Thread count is important but you should know that there are other qualities to a sheet that can make it more luxurious and help it withstand time. 

How soft your sheets are depends more on the type of material used than the actual thread count. That means the quality of fibres, or the type of material can make a low thread count sheet feel much softer than a higher thread count sheet of an inferior fabric. 

Look for sheets that contain 100% Egyptian Cotton for a superior feel! We carry a gorgeous 400TC Egyptian cotton sheet set that we are in LOVE with- You can check them out here

OR for a more breathable alternative our 60% Bamboo Fibre 40% Egyptian cotton blend SHEET SET! ( plus they get softer with every wash! )

An inexpensive sheet with a high thread count is probably not pure Egyptian cotton and it could have an inferior weave. If the weave is made up of twisted fibres it is kind of "cheating" to get their thread count number up.  A straight laid thread is much softer than 2 threads twisted together...make sense?

Don't be fooled by the dupes that try to pull you in with a high thread count. Your sheets should be so much more. 

We spend more time in or beds than anywhere else. Invest in sheets that are luxurious and long lasting so that you are not replacing more than necessary. 

You deserve to sleep in comfort, in sheets that are made well. 

*And remember... Thread count is a preference- look instead for the fabric and the weave that is speaks to your needs. 


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  • Hi there! I am looking for a good to high quality king sheet set that is cool and crisp feeling. What do you recommend?
    Thanks! I’m so tired of buying and being disappointed!


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