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  • The Best Sheets for Summer

    The warmer months are coming and so are the questions about how to keep cool on those hot summer nights. 

    If you're like me, you love being cozy in bed with sheets and duvet no matter the temperature but when those temperatures creep up I find myself kicking off the covers and playing the hot and cold game all night. 

    Choosing sheets that help regulate your temperature can be a game-changer when it comes to a good nights sleep and by paying attention to quality materials that lend themselves to breathability - you can be sleeping better than ever. 

    So what do we recommend? 

  • Valentines Gift Ideas -Self Love Edition

    So it's the season of love... so they say, but with the cold weather and this season of BLAH dragging on and on, I feel like the love needs to be directed right back at ourselves. 

  • Emma's Butter Tarts

    For as long as I can remember I have been making these exact butter tarts for thanksgiving. I think I found the recipe in a Canadian Living Magazin...
  • That Thanksgiving Table...

    Your thanksgiving decor doesn't have to be tucked away at the end of the season and only used once a year. By keeping it simple and investing in transitional pieces your tablescape set up can take you from season to season without much work....
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

    Looking for the ultimate gift for mom? Look no further, as we have got you covered! 

    Mom deserves to be spoiled and we are here to help you do just that. We also will happily gift wrap and deliver your thoughtful home-inspired gift straight to her door or mailbox so if you can't be with her this year, you know your gift will get there with love. 

  • Beautiful Bed

    You may have heard this stat before, but the average human spends about 26 years of their life in bed. 

    So why not make it a place of absolute comfort AND a place of beauty that brings you joy?

    The best part? - You don't need 800 pillows or 1000TC platinum sheets! 

    But there are a few places you should invest and little details to make your bed the bed of your dreams. 

  • Ultimate Home Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

    Today I am sharing with you my personal favourite of the season. Products I love and would be proud to gift my own friends or family and products that I know will bring some joy and expression Into the home. This is my "Ultimate Home Lovers Gift Guide" and I can't wait to help you find that special gift for that special someone in your life. 
  • Let's Talk Towels...

    The first thing you may want to consider when purchasing your towels is the weight. All towels will have a number associated with them that refers to grams per square meter. Beach towels, and gym bag towels have a lower GSM number while the towels you probably want for your bathroom will have a higher number maligning them more plush and thicker.

    The nice thing about our towels is that the GSM number remains fairly low due to the fact that they are zero twist. So that though they are plush and absorbent- they also will not weigh down your towel rack.

  • Dressing your home for Thanksgiving...

    Even if Thanksgiving looks a little different this year...There is no reason you can't make your small gathering one to remember. From the moment your family (or just you) walks in the door to the moment the pumpkin pie is cut. 

  • Pillow Talk ....How to know which pillow is right for you!

    Deciding which pillow is going to help you get the best night's sleep can feel a tad overwhelming but there is an easy way to break it down. 

    First, Take note of how you sleep. On your back? On your side? On your tummy? If it changes through out the night- Try to notice where you spend the most time. 

    The pillow can be the key to a good night's sleep so we make a point of carrying quality pillows that can help you achieve just that. 

  • Understanding Thread Count

    When it comes to choosing sheets, it can be overwhelming to know what to look for. 

    Percale, Egyptian, Poly cotton, Sateen, Bamboo, Deep pocket, and most importantly thread count!

    With so many terms being thrown around how do you know what quality of item you're buying? More importantly - how do you know what YOU want in a sheet...Maybe you don't! 

    The truth is- there is no right answer. It's actually very personal choice and changes from person to person. 

    Do you like a cool and crisp sheet, or do you like one that flows over your body with no sound? 

    Do you like to feel the weight of your sheet and want one that is unnoticeable?

    There ARE, however, some things you should be looking for to separate the luxurious sheets from the inferior. 

  • Shop Beginnings

    I loved watching her fold things with her pink painted nails, her dangling jewelry clicking on the buttons of her tweed blazer. I loved watching her laugh with the customers of whom she knew by name. I loved watching  her hand swipe the credit cards and I loved watching her curl pink ribbon to tie on each bag.