The Best Sheets for Summer

The warmer months are coming and so are the questions about how to keep cool on those hot summer nights. 

If you're like me, you love being cozy in bed with sheets and duvet no matter the temperature but when those temperatures creep up I find myself kicking off the covers and playing the hot and cold game all night. 

Choosing sheets that help regulate your temperature can be a game-changer when it comes to a good nights sleep and by paying attention to quality materials that lend themselves to breathability - you can be sleeping better than ever. 

So what do we recommend? 

1. French Linen Sheets 

If you're looking for long-lasting comfort combined with ultimate luxury  - Our French Linen bedding from If Only Home is the way to go.  Specially woven from natural flax to ensure the utmost softness and breathability, while being incredibly durable to provide years of long-lasting comfort. This supremely smooth linen will breathe cool in the summer while keeping you warm in the winter, for the ultimate comfort while you sleep.

2. Organic Cotton 

If you like a little bit of weight to your sheet - without the heat - Our soft spun organic cotton bedding should be your go-to. Thoughtfully designed for your most luxurious sleep ever. Loomed exclusively from 100% GOTS™-certified organic long staple cotton, the result is naturally temperature regulated fabric that is beautifully weighted yet breathable. Retreat into astonishingly soft bedding that gets better with every wash.


3. Bamboo Bedding

Welcome to a new age of sleep. Our Bamboo Bedding is made 100% out of bamboo rayon woven in a durable twill weave. This insanely soft material wicks away moisture from the skin, normalizing body temperatures and allowing you to stay cooler during the hot nights and warmer during cold nights. With added benefits of being hypo-allergenic and having anti-bacterial properties , bamboo sheets are not only comfortable but also great for your skin!


Any of these options are great year-round and we guarantee a better night's sleep when you invest in your bedding. 

As always, if you're not sure which sheets are right for you- reach out! We always are excited to help. 


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