That Thanksgiving Table...

After so many cancelled gatherings over the past year and a half, I have to say that I am beyond excited to bring the family together in our home this weekend. 

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday for me. I have so many magical memories of collecting items from the bush to dress the table with my cousins. 

Though, I have no plans of bringing in pinecones and fallen leaves to the table this year, I do have some ideas on how to create a classic and cozy tablescape to gather around for that special family dinner. 

1. Layers, layers, Layers. 

I've said it before. Layering your table is the easiest way to elevate your look and bring a basic table setting to an elegant and dimensional masterpiece.  Start with textured placements and layer your dining plate. To avoid going overboard, feel free to skip the small plate or bowl on top, and instead roll or fold your Napkins on the plate and tie with a textured piece of ribbon. Feel free to tuck your cutlery into the napkin to give each place setting a finished look. 

2. Textures. 

I love the way playing with material and textures on your dining surface can add interest for the senses. When choosing your linens and table decor try mixing up your textures rather than your colours to add dimension to the space! It's no secret that I often enjoy keeping things neutral as a way to timelessly dress a space. But that doesn't mean your table has to lack character. A simple way to keep it exciting is to instead, incorporate textured placemats like our Kalahari Raffia placemats then, choose a totally different texture for your napkins! I love these Linen Napkins. They are timeless, textured and soft, plus their neutral colour means you can use them for ANY occasion. Loosely throw our linen runner down the centre of your table and you can bring that texture through out the whole space! Runners elevate a table and give an easy backdrop for your centrepiece and food. 

3. Small Details. 

Small details that don't jump out right away can make any table a little more fun to sit around as your eye catches new little elements throughout the meal. Add some dried florals to each setting or different sized Pillar candles scattered throughout the the length of your runner. Play with levels and display food on cake stands that add height and elegance to your display without the need for any major focal point. Choose elegant serving dishes that match your aesthetic and draw your eye to the food it's holding, rather than the dish itself. A touch of ribbon around your napkins, or even some wooden beads nestled in the runner can make your table a dimensional and fun without the traditional "fall" decor. 

Your thanksgiving decor doesn't have to be tucked away at the end of the season and only used once a year. By keeping it simple and investing in transitional pieces your tablescape set up can take you from season to season without much work. 

I encourage you to get creative in how your dress your table this fall and can't wait to see you enjoy every minute of this family season of gratitude. 



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