Pillow Talk ....How to know which pillow is right for you!

Deciding which pillow is going to help you get the best night's sleep can feel a tad overwhelming but there is an easy way to break it down. 

First, Take note of how you sleep. On your back? On your side? On your tummy? If it changes through out the night- Try to notice where you spend the most time. 

The pillow can be the key to a good night's sleep so we make a point of carrying quality pillows that can help you achieve just that. 

The Filling

Down Pillows

Have no quills and no odor! 100% down pillows give you a light pillow that allows you to sink in but because of their fill power can still offer a subtle support. Depending on how much down is blown in you can get a FIRM, MEDIUM or SOFT depending on your personal preference. ( Most people already know what kind of pillow they like but we have some suggestions below if you are unsure). Our European down pillows are a nice medium firmness and are so soft to the touch with moisture wicking abilities that matches that of the quality down. 

You can check them out HERE!

Down Surround

A down surround pillow offers a feather core to offer more firmness and support but has a wonderful down surrounding the feather centre so that you still get that soft head-to-pillow touch without any of the feather quills touching your face. This pillow is a medium- to-firm pillow with the comfort and support to fit a variety of needs. 

You can purchase our Combo pillow HERE.

Feather Pillows

If you prefer a feather pillow for the firmness and support, there are some great options for you. A fine quality Small White Goose Feather pillow offers comfort and support. Our natural fill pillow gives you all the added benefits of breathability, as well as temperature and moisture control while sleeping. We love a good feather pillow that will support you through the night ( especially if you are a side sleeper). 

You can find our feather fill pillows HERE. 


Which Firmness Level works for you?

Well that depends! 

First, Take note of how you sleep. On your back? On your side? On your tummy? If it changes through out the night- Try to notice where you spend the most time. 

The Tummy Sleeper 

Should look for a soft pillow, preferable a pure white down pillow. The price of pure down is a little more expensive - but take note of where the down is from and know what you are getting the best quality. After all- what IS the price of a good nights sleep? 

Check out our 100% Canadian Down Pillows!

The Back Sleeper

If you tend to spend the most of the night on your back you should be looking for a medium firmness. We recommend a down pillow with a little more fill or a down and feather mix. Our Down Surround Pillow could be good option for you! 
The Side-Sleeper
If you sleep on your side you should be looking at a pillow with more support or a firm pillow. Check out our Goose Feather Pillow for a supportive option or our Down Combo Pillow. Still enough firmness to keep your spine in-line but with a nice down surround to keep it soft and sinkable. 
At the end of the day, pillow firmness and choice is completely personal. If you know what kind of pillow you like simply find one of good quality that will support you for a good night's sleep. A good pillow can last you a long time and should never be the cause of restless night. 

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