Let's Talk Towels...


The first thing you may want to consider when purchasing your towels is the weight. All towels will have a number associated with them that refers to grams per square meter. Beach towels, and gym bag towels have a lower GSM number while the towels you probably want for your bathroom will have a higher number maligning them more plush and thicker.

The nice thing about our towels is that the GSM number remains fairly low due to the fact that they are zero twist. So that though they are plush and absorbent- they also will not weigh down your towel rack.

Zero Twist

Zero Twist Towels are going to be more plush and absorbant than your regular towel. It's going to feel smooth and soft gliding over your body as you come out of the shower or bath. This is because in your typical towel, yarns will be twisted together to create strength but this also causes friction against our skin and takes away from the towel's softness. 

Because our Portofino Towels are made with a superior combed cotton- the material is strong enough on it's own without twisting the fibres. 

Make sure you do your research as some retailers will marker a low twist count as a zero twist. If you are looking for a true zero twist towel with superior luxury cotton- the Portofino Combed Cotton Towel is for you! 



How a towel looks and feels depends largely on what kind of cotton is being used. Many towels are made with a standard twisted cotton with shorter threads. If you're looking for a long lasting towel that is considered the most luxurious- look for an Egyptian cottons towel like our Alexandria Egyptian Cotton Towel. 

This towel is soft, plush and similar to those found in high end spas. Now who doesn't want that wrapped around their body every day? 


We ask a lot of our towels-  Be soft, be absorbent, be heavy, don't be too heavy, but keep me warm, be made of luxurious material and also- compliment my bathroom and design. 

Instead of trying to match your towels to the walls of your bathroom- try instead to think of your towels as an accent or as an accessories. 

You can use them as a way to play with the style and look of the bathroom or simply accentuate and brighten up the room!

This can be your chance to draw out a certain colour and have fun in the space. Think of your towels as the "throw" or "toss cushion" of the bathroom!

But if you're like me- A good neutral can go a long way in keeping things bright and airy!


Start with your bath towel and move up from there. How many people are in your household? Everyone should at least have their own Bath Towel, so that even on days when everyone showers- no one is having to use some else's wet towel!

You could add 2 to this number, if you please,  so that you always have two in your linen closet, ready for guests or for when laundry day gets pushed!

I love having two Bath Sheets in my set as well because their truly is nothing better than wrapping up in a luxurious towel that actually wraps around your entire body- especially on those cool mornings when stepping out of the shower feels extra hard.

Next think about hand towels. These are the towels hanging by the sink to dry hands throughout the day. I would start with 2- 4 of these. Two for hanging, and 2 to switch into rotation when the first two get too wet, or dirty. 

A couple wash cloths is always a nice addition to your set- Have one ready to accompany you in the shower, or by the sink for the end of the day.


Taking Care of your Towels

A trick my grandma used to tell her customers still rings true today. She used to say for the first wash - add a cup of vinegar to the wash cycle as It prevents fading of deep colours. 

Many towels on the shelf still have the remnants of a special fabric softener on them which helps them stay plush and fluffy while they wait for someone to take them home. Because of this- it's a good idea to wash your towels before you first use them!


All our towels are dryer safe but make sure you use a low heat setting and keep your white towels out of the colour wash! 


Well... that's all the info! Happy shopping and may the best thing about your shower or bath be the end when your wrapped up in a gorgeous towel. 


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