Beautiful Bed

You may have heard this stat before, but the average human spends about 26 years of their life in bed. 

So why not make it a place of absolute comfort AND a place of beauty that brings you joy?

The best part? - You don't need 800 pillows or 1000TC platinum sheets! 

But there are a few places you should invest and little details to make YOUR bed the bed of your dreams. 

Here's how : 

1. Invest in a good mattress.

Spend time picking out a mattress that works for your sleep position, your sleep issues ( back pain, temperature regulation ect.). Be willing to spend a little extra money and get a mattress that will withstand time and be the base for your luxury bed. 

2. Choose a good set of sheets (or two). 

Your sheets are what you're slipping into every night. They need to be durable to withstand wear but also be soft enough to create a smooth comfort every time you move. As we know, thread count is important but it's not everything. Look for sheets that are made with a good quality fabric such as 100% Egyptian cotton, or a temperature regulating bamboo sheet

3. Layer.

Start with a light blanket between your sheets and your duvet. It not only looks high end and luxurious when you fold down the top over your duvet with your top sheet, but it also adds another layer of comfort, warmth when you add the duvet and a lighter option on those summer nights. We are in love with our Waffle Weave "cuddle blanket" made in Portugal and 100% Cotton. 

4. Duvet

A good duvet is worth the investment. A duvet can either make or break your sleep. You need one that keeps you warm but also allows you to breath. A good quality down will adapt to your body's temperature which is why it is such a nice choice when looking for your dream bed duvet. 

I recommend a duvet that is constructed with baffles "A Baffle is a piece of fabric sewn in a perpendicular manner between the top and bottom fabric of the shell, similar to a wall, between compartments, creating a three-dimensional space". this construction of the duvet is made to trap air and provide more warmth. A duvet with compartments stops the down from bunching!

If you are someone who doesn't like "noise" when your duvet moves, look for a duvet with a slightly higher thread count. 

5. A Beautiful Duvet Cover

As much as I love a good neutral, I think anytime you add texture to your bed with a certain fabric or a fun pattern it can be the perfect way to express a little of you. I love a linen duvet cover for the simple fact that you never have to think about wrinkling as it only adds to the texture and the cozy look of the bed. 

For the more modern/artsy person, you may look at a duvet cover with lines or brighter colours.

To finish off your layers make sure you turn down your duvet to about half way down your bed. It will reveal the blanket underneath and give your bed that 5 star hotel look. it also creates height on your bed and now your bed looks tall, billowy and luxurious. 

6. Pillows, Pillows, Pillows

No need to hide all your hard work and carefully thought out choices with 500 pillows and cushions...

however, a good bunch of pillows on your bed can elevate the look of your bedding by.... A LOT. 

For a Queen bed start with two sleeping pillows, pushed against your head board or layed flat and stacked as the base to build forward. Make sure you again, find a good quality pillow that works with your sleeping style and needs. 

For a king, Get 2 king sized pillows to start. 

Next, I  can't recommend a few euro pillows enough! They are not only such an eye grabber, but they add colour and height to your bed giving it a high end look. For a Queen do 2 Euros in front of your sleeping pillows and for a king do 3! Feeling daring? Choose euro shams that pick up an accent colour or pattern in your room.

Next I like to put the the two Shams that match my duvet cover in front. Because you aren't sleeping on these pillows, you can fill them with a more affordable feather or microfibre filler pillow rather than your investment down. 

Finally, add a toss cushion or two, One in front of each pillow sham and a long or round addition in the centre front. Or may just one more accent cushion smack dab in the middle. The choice is yours. This is like the cherry on the ice cream, the ribbon on the present. 

Enjoy your masterpiece and feel like you're living in luxury every night.

7. Throws

Finally, finish your look with a throw at the end of the bed. It's an easy way to tie in those accent colours and have a quick blanket to grab when in need.  


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