Dressing your home for Thanksgiving...

Even if Thanksgiving looks a little different this year...

There is no reason you can't make your small gathering one to remember. From the moment your family (or just you) walks in the door to the moment the pumpkin pie is cut. 

1. First things First - Your Doorstep. Nothing screams fall like a few pumpkins on the front porch. The more the merrier in my opinion, and the more unique colours and shapes the more personality! I am also in love with this DOORMAT we have that welcomes guests with a very  important question ;) If you have a simple fall wreath hanging around, make sure to put in on your door and let that fall feeling start from the moment of arrival. 

"Did You Bring Wine?" Door M

2. Make sure your table presentation is unique and inviting. Instead of your traditional tablecloth, this year I dressed the table with a TURKISH TOWEL! Crazy, I know. But the lightweight material, simple pattern and super cute fringe made it the perfect runner for this table scape. Next, add some layers. Start by layering your plates on a placemat, followed by a  bowl, napkin, cutlery or even a cute little PUMPKIN. You add dimension, texture and colour to your table when doing this- even if you're keeping the tones white or neutral. Start large and work to the smallest. 

3. Napkins, Napkins, Napkins. Nothing takes your table elegance up a notch like a TRUE LINEN NAPKIN. This year ditch the paper leaf-patterned napkins and invest in a reusable set of linen napkins in a neutral colour. Not only are they more environmentally friendly- but by going with a neutral colour, a large size with a beautiful fringe, you're giving them the versatility to be used for any occasion or holiday. 

4. Let your serving dishes be the centrepiece. Who needs an elaborate table garland or centrepiece when they food should be the focal point! Let the food be the centre of attention by presenting it in beautiful STONEWARE that will last you season after season. 

5. Dress up the rest of your home! Add some WARM CUSHIONS, THROWS, and perhaps even a FARMHOUSE SIGN to add warmth, and fall tones to your surroundings as a whole. 

6. Now that your home and table look inviting and elegant...how about you? If you're going to be cooking all day you might as well look cute doing it. I LOVE this little LINEN APRON. A staple for any kitchen .... untraditional and oh so cute! 


Fall decor doesn't always have to go back into a box labeled "thanksgiving" and hide away in the basement until next September. Let your thanksgiving be dressed by items you can use year round!




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